Linda Lapointe


"Beautiful Women – Like You and Me" is a 10" x 10" hard-bound coffee-table book with jacket featuring 40 women with stunning full-color photographs by Linda Lapointe and inspiring biographies by Patty Mayeux. The book is published by Baxter Press, Friendswood, TX.

The book encourages readers to look for the inner beauty of women as they learn about each woman portrayed. It also contains 12 carefully selected poems from contributors on the topic of inner beauty. The poetry and essays remind us to value what is truly important, the content of a woman’s character.

"Beautiful Women – Like You and Me" makes a great gift to mothers, sisters and friends. It is a necessary addition for women’s studies departments of educational institutions, as the theme addresses the concern that our society discourages women by pushing an unrealistic ideal of physical perfection. This book can be read in short episodes, making it ideal for placement in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms.

Beautiful Women - Like You and Me

by Linda Lapointe and Patty Mayeux

©2010 Linda Lapointe. All rights reserved.